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Trending in Photography industry 2024

Trending in Photography industry 2024

Photography industry is always changing and getting more creative since the first discovery of the camera. It has become a great way of storytelling.

There is no shortage of creative stuff one can do with photography today. Starting from the simple hobby of photography to very creative light painting in photography you are only limited by your imagination.

However, if you are a professional photographer making your living out of photography you should be aware of the current trend of the industry.

Below we have tried to cover what is trending in the photography industry right now.

Campaign Photography:

A fashion campaign Photography puts life into a collection of products by telling a story and delivering a specific message that catches the eyes of customers.

Lookbook Photography: 

Lookbook photography isn’t always the usual basic shots on a plain background. The photographer is allowed to put his creativity (Theme, props, color, etc) while still focusing on the product.

Flat-lay Photography:

Flat-lay photography is a simple yet very trending way to showcase a product or multiple products. Tell a story to your customers or just make them go wow on social media platforms like Instagram, facebook and snap chat.

Product Photography:

Product photography is another trend which is sharing a large part of the industry and still growing while you are reading this. As simple as it sounds, product photography can require a lot of creativity depending on the use of it.

model e-commerce photography:

E-commerce model photography, it simply sounds like model photography but in this segment the model is not the main subject. It’s the selling product which is the center of attention. Here the photographer uses a model to enhance the selling product.

Creative social media content:

If you are trying to grab the attention of a mass audience, Social Media Content is a must these days. With new and engaging content that explains a story to your audience about your selling product you can create an identity easily.

360 Photography:

This is a new method to showcase and enhance online presence. When someone can simply Click and drag the image to spin, it’s a game changer. In this way the photographer takes multiple shots from all the possible angles. However, it is not only limited to photography. You will need some extra tools to make it happen.

Fashion E-commerce Videography:

Creating product videos are very important and quite trending these days simply because more people are shopping online and they really love to see every detail. Fashion videography, Advertising videography, social media videos (Shorts, Reels) and behind the scene videos are largely popular.

I really hope the above information is helpful for you. I am sure the trend is not just sitting in one place, it’s changing like I mentioned before. Please feel free to write a comment if you would like to add something I might have missed.

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