E-commerce On-Figure Photography

E-commerce On-Figure Photography

When we first hear On-Figure it instantly means Model photography or fashion photography in our head. Which is not wrong either. But when talking about E-commerce On Figure, things become a bit different.

What is Ecommerce On-Figure Photography?

E-commerce On-Figure Photography is a model / fashion photography process with the intention of selling products worn or represented by the model online via an e-commerce platform. In this process the model is not the main subject to focus. Instead the model is being a reference for the online shoppers to get a better visual understanding of the product.

Types of Ecommerce On-Figure:

There are different types of styles adopted by different brands and photographers to stand out of the crowd. So it’s not easy to say how many types of On-Figure processes there are. I will try to point out some most commonly used styles but Brands.

  • Individual shots- In this segment there is a single model representing a product.
  • Group shots- A group of models representing the same or different products.
  • Model shots without face- The model’s face is cropped out to put maximum focus on the selling product.
  • White background shots- The background is removed and replaced with white to pop the color and contrast of the product.
  • Unique Background shots- Some people shoot on a unique background (Mostly a brand color).
  • Outdoor shots- Depending on the type of products On-figures are also shot outdoors.

Difference Between Model Photography and Ecommerce On-Figure Photography?

In a single sentence the main difference is the Model photography is where the Model is the main point of focus but in Ecommerce On-Figure the model doesn’t get much attention. It’s the product which is the center of attention.

Type of setup is needed?

Ecommerce On-Figure Photography can be done with very minimal setup if compared with Model photography. Depending on the client’s requirement some sessions only require a small studio with 3-4 Lighting setup, a Backdrop, Stylist, Model and of course the Photographer. But don’t be so cozy yet because some Ecommerce On-Figure shots are very demanding which require a maximum creative setup.

What is the Editing part?

Apart from the photography setup an editing team is also required. Since it is a high volume shoot it’s always a good idea to have a dedicated team of photo editors / video editors. Otherwise the Outsourcing option is also available.

Overall benefits: 

E-commerce On-Figure Photography helps to increase the conversion rates by showcasing your product’s best features and also determine the future of the product. It also helps to develop your brand’s visual identity.

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